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Home-Based Business Approval Upheld

Dresden Board of Zoning Appeals 


The City of Dresden Board of Zoning Appeals met Monday, October 24th at City Hall to discuss a request submitted by Keisha Diebold to operate a home-based business out of her residence, located at 153 East Locust Street. 

The owner stated the intended use of the property, which is zoned R-1 (Low Density Residential), is to operate a hair salon. 

City Recorder Jennifer Branscum stated the BZA approved the proposed home occupation on July 27, 2022. 

However, during the Oct. 3, 2022 City Board meeting, Alderman Gwin Anderson and other board members voiced their concerns that the BZA approved the home occupation in error, because hair salons are not specifically listed among the “uses permissible on appeal.” 

Alderman Anderson stated the only exceptions to an R-1 Zone on appeal are for churches, cemeteries, or clinics. 

The City Board voted to have the BZA review their decision and give the property- owner a chance to argue her side of the issue.

During Monday night’s BZA meeting, Branscum listed some of the requirements that were met in accordance with the ordinance, including:

  • Diebold’s accessory building, which is intended for use as a hair salon, occupies less than 15 percent of the square footage of the floor space of the residence, and is, therefore, in compliance with the ordinance. 
  • There are no advertising signs.
  • The home-based business “protects and preserves the character of the neighborhood,” by blending with other neighboring structures. “I’ve seen the building from the roadway,” Kory Green said. “It matches her house and it’s the same color.”
  • The BZA members determined that traffic congestion, which is one of the main concerns when considering granting “uses permissible on appeal” for home-operated businesses, would not be a problem.

During discussion of the traffic issue, it was mentioned that Donnie Bunton, Community Planner for the Northwest Tennessee Development District, sent a letter sent to the City of Dresden, expressing his concern regarding possible increased vehicular traffic the hair salon could generate. 

However, Ralph Cobb stated, since Diebold informed him that her business is operated by appointment only, and there would only be one vehicle parked at her residence at a time, he was satisfied this would not be a problem. Cobb commented the hair salon would not generate any more traffic than Simmons Bank or other businesses operating on Locust Street. 

Diebold said, “I’d also like to add, there is another business on my street – The Local Street Cookie Company, operated by Donna Ferrell, and I think she’ll probably have more traffic than I’ll have. It’s located across the street from Gwin Anderson.”

In reference to the tornado recovery effort, Green said, “We’re trying to get as much business as we can, whether it’s a privately-owned home business or a (traditional) business.” Additionally, he argued that Ms. Diebold has already spent money to start this project since the BZA last met.

Regarding plans to allow Diebold to operate a hair salon in an R-1 Zone, Cobb said, “I think it’s good to go. I want to see Dresden thrive and get well.” 

After Cobb and Green weighed the facts, they determined their earlier recommendation to allow Diebold to operate a home-based hair salon business should stand. Cobb made a motion to that effect, which was seconded by Green and passed with two “yes” and one “absent” vote. BZA member Mike Youngblood was absent due to health reasons. 

The BZA’s recommendation to allow the home-based hair salon business to operate will be taken up once again by the Dresden City Board when it meets on Monday, Nov. 7, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Diebold, who previously worked for the late Bill Stallings at the “Just Hair” salon on Locust Street, stated she decided to operate a hair salon business out of her home after her mother got sick. 

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