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MES Inventor’s Fair Generates Bright Ideas

Martin Elementary School is growing a group of promising inventors after a recent 5th grade Inventor’s Fair produced nearly 70 prototypes and models of inventions.

Led by Mrs. Candace Sumner and Mrs. Paige Hatchel, about 70 students in 5th grade Social Studies classes designed and constructed a model of an invention from household items. Students showcased their inventions in presentations at an Inventor’s Fair held at the school on September 19.

The focus of the three-part Social Studies project was a wrap-up to their study on the Gilded Age. Mrs. Sumner’s classes modeled their designs based on the works of famous inventors. Students were instructed to select and fully research an inventor, and then design a poster displaying information about the inventor and inventions. The last step for students was to create a model of the selected invention using items they have at home.

Principal Patresa Rogers was excited about the creativity of the inventions.

“I enjoyed attending the fair and hearing directly from each student about their invention and how it will make an aspect of someone’s life easier. Some of our students struggle at times when they have to speak in front of others.  I was so amazed by each of them and their presentations,” said Principal Rogers.

Students commented on various things they learned and the process of building their inventions. 

Wade Vernon created a model of Thomas Edison’s light bulb using Christmas lights, a candy jar, a clock piece, two glowsticks, and a mini cupcake pan.

Out of cardboard and a plastic flyswatter, Emmett Zimmerman constructed a new type of alarm clock that slaps a sleeper’s face awake in the morning.

Myka Belt developed a model of the Wright Brothers’ airplane from wood she had at home. “The most difficult part of the project was gluing all of the tiny pieces of wood into position. I learned that you can make something beautiful out of simple things from home,” she said.

Aubriana Mobley created the idea for a chicken watering cart from a metal container with tubing that provides a large supply of fresh water for chickens.

Tinsley Leyhue mentioned that building her paper towel and toothpick reproduction of Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin was simple to construct, while Justin Brown commented that, “Making things fly is hard.”

Dani Pirtle created a life-size Alexa robot friend from boxes and aluminum foil, and Amelie Stooksberry said, “I was proud that I could do so much work on my project by myself.”

The inventions are on display in the hall of Martin Elementary School for all students, faculty, and staff to enjoy.


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