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Martin’s The Grind to be Featured on America’s Best Restaurants

ONE OF AMERICA’S BEST – Martin’s own The Grind Burger Bar will be visited by America’s Best Restaurants on Oct. 10.

Local restaurant The Grind Burger Bar in Martin will be hosting a visit from America’s Best Restaurants in early October.

America’s Best Restaurants, a national media and marketing company focusing on local, independently-owned restaurants, will bring its ABR Roadshow to the restaurant on October 10th. 

Popular dishes will be highlighted, along with an extensive on-camera interview with co-owner Mark Laderman about the restaurant’s special place in the community. The episode will be aired extensively on social media channels at a later date. 

October also marks the restaurant’s fifth anniversary. 

Laderman opened The Grind with his wife and son after having opened several other restaurants in the area. He and his wife had grown tired of working for other people in the food industry, and they had a dream of opening their own place. Son Alan creates most of the showpiece menu items. 

The food at The Grind is over the top, says Laderman, noting that the restaurant was a “straight up home run” from the day it opened. He says people drive for hours to try the burgers, mac and cheese and epic, foot-tall milkshakes.

“We taught people our restaurant is an experience,” Laderman says. “It’s not about the milkshake. . . we teach our team that the restaurant is akin to Walt Disney World. You’re there to be entertained in an immersive experience that covers a lot of things, from a singing waitress to milkshakes that have sparklers in them, to interactive food and interactive skits.”

Laderman is looking forward to the visit from America’s Best Restaurants.

“We won’t be lacking in enthusiasm,” he states.

Open seven days a week, The Grind is located at 112 Lovelace Avenue. Call them at (731) 587-6912 or visit them online at

America’s Best Restaurants, a national media and restaurant marketing company based in Florence, KY, travels the country telling the stories and highlighting the unique food of locally owned independent restaurants as part of their ABR Roadshow. For more information visit ABR’s website at


  1. Linda Poore on October 8, 2022 at 10:47 am

    My granddaughter JAE Ann works here and has only good things to say about the owners and customers. I have not tried it yet but look forward to it. It is always packed when we go by there. Keep up the good work!

  2. Cathey Mayfield on October 9, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    I went there with a church group the food very expensive and people in Gibson, Weakley, and the area county’s within 250 miles they will be getting a big big surprise a 20ounce steak cost 32.00 macaroni and cheese kids side 7.00 a baked potato about the same price my husband only got Philly steak sandwich fries glass of drink I got a child side Mac and cheese a bake potato come with the meal side salad nothing special lettuce shredded cheese diced slice tomatoes three or four croutons ur choice of dressing but my husband got one them shakes don’t get the chocolate chocolate u be unhappy I promise u and I want to tell u u order a shake share it a banana pudding or strawberry they put breaksfast cereal around the glass it’s awful I wasn’t impress at all tip our meal what we ate I told u they put the tip on ur bill it’s 132.67 cents we’re on retirement but I won’t go back and lambert home of the throw rolls in silkton missiouri they now r a special site to see them they r just a special place u talk about the rest of ur life u laugh tell others u get ur moneys worth please they give u so much food free just order ur meat drinks they r so nice try please u ask u was everything to ur expectations if not they give u free lunch lunch certificate come back but u go there the ride peaceful but the grind ur going be disappointed I’m asking u to put ur reply in after u go don’t look at their tees they r higher in price then Elvis tees in Memphis at Graceland for my trip I live in Milan I hadn’t been going with my husband my church group invited to go I never went my self my husband I walk in seated they don’t have their prices on their foods in the menus they gave all of us or me and my husband I say I and my husband never go back it was a teaching adventure for us as a couple as two people who learns from places we go if we ever go anywhere together we’re not a together couple.

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