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Appointments, Committees Approved

Weakley Co. Legislative Body


County commissioners approved a number of appointments to various positions, as well as a new list of committee memberships for the 2022-23 fiscal year, during the Sept. 20 meeting of the Weakley County Legislative Body.

County Mayor Jake Bynum was unanimously approved as chairman over the Legislative Body, and Commissioner Dennis Doster was appointed as chairman pro-tempore, also by unanimous vote.

Other appointments unanimously approved by commissioners included: Phillip Moore as Constable in District 1; Keith Dunning as Veteran Service Officer, Ray Wigginton as Safety Officer, Pastor Brent Arnold with the Greenfield Church of Christ as Commission Chaplain, Candice Winstead to the Emergency Communication Board, Ashley Pinkston to the Solid Waste Committee, Joy Adams to the Board of Public Utilities, Bethany Elam to the Audit Committee, and Brian Donavant, Gary Eddings, Greg Usery, Larry Taylor, James Washburn, and Roger Donaldson to the Ethics Committee.

When it came time to vote on the entire list of committee memberships, Commissioner Jack Vincent said he thought that most of the committees were too big with most being either nine or seven members.

“I think we’ve got three or four too many on each committee,” said Vincent, who also pointed out that the exact same people are serving on both the Finance, Ways, and Means Committee and the Rule Committee.

Vincent voted against approving the committees, while the other 17 commissioners present voted to approve them.

Memberships on these committees includes:

*Finance, Ways, & Means: Dennis Doster, Marcus Hopper, Greg Usery, Gary Eddings, Larry Taylor, David Bell, Billy Hazlewood, Roger Donaldson, and Jimmy Westbrook.

*Rules Committee: Dennis Doster, Marcus Hopper, Greg Usery, Gary Eddings, Larry Taylor, David Bell (vice chairman), Billy Hazlewood, Roger Donaldson (chairman), and Jimmy Westbrook.

*Health, Education, & Economic Development: Wade Cook, James Roy Pope, John Robert Freeman, Larry Kelly, Brian Donavant, David Hawks, and Jack Vincent.

*Public Safety: Bobby Dunlap, James Roy Pope, Larry Kelly, Brian Donavant, David Hawks, Jack Vincent, and James Washburn.

*Public Works: Dennis Doster, Marcus Hopper, John Robert Freeman, Larry Taylor, David Bell, Billy Hazlewood, and Jimmy Westbrook.

*Nursing Home: Bobby Dunlap, Wade Cook, Greg Usery, Gary Eddings, Roger Donaldson, James Washburn, and Dale Overton.

*Financial Management: Dennis Doster, Greg Usery, Roger Donaldson, Jimmy Westbrook, County Mayor, Director of Schools, and Road Supervisor.

*Beer Board: Gary Eddings, James Washburn, and Jimmy Westbrook.

*Broadband: Dennis Doster, Gary Eddings, David Bell, Roger Donaldson, and Jake Bynum.

*WCMES Commission Member: Jimmy Westbrook.

* * *

In other business:

*Minutes from the July 28 meeting were approved.

*Bynum gave special recognition to Veteran Service Officer Ricky Cobb and Clerk & Master Regina VanCleave.

*Constable bonds were approved.

*Notary Publics were approved.

*A resolution was approved to adopt rules regulating the procedures of the Board of County Commissioners of Weakley County.

*Commissioners voted 17-1 to pass a resolution opting out of statewide building code standards regarding one-family and two-family dwellings in Weakley County. Commissioner Jack Vincent gave the lone no vote.

*Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to transfer $3,803,191.99 in state American Rescue Plan funds designated for water and wastewater system improvements in five county municipalities. The breakdown of these funds includes $733,883.27 for Dresden, $646,312.49 for Gleason, $680,662.05 for Greenfield, $1,113,397.40 for Martin, and $628,936.34 for Sharon.

*A resolution was approved authorizing $164,000 in budget amendments to the General Purpose School Fund for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.

*Bynum reminded commissioners that Weakley County’s 200th birthday is coming up in October of 2023.

*The next Legislative Body meeting was set for Monday, Nov. 21 at 5 p.m.

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