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Collaboration with UTM Brings More Music to Greenfield School Students

For the first time in years, more music instruction is now available to Greenfield School students. Thanks to a new partnership with the University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Music Education, students are now offered choir and general musical instruction two days per week instead of one.  

Along with one period of instruction with District Music Teacher Rebecca Steele, an additional Choir class and a General Music class are being taught by UTM Music Ed students who are working toward their teaching certification. 

The first-year program, loosely titled “Music Lab School,” provides the extra period of General Music class for middle school students, and the additional Choir class for students in grades 6-12. 

The collaboration was initiated after students asked Greenfield Principal Jeff Cupples about the possibility of more musical instruction. 

Supervised by Dr. Jody Blake, UTM Assistant Professor of Music Education, future teachers gain more experience in front of a classroom prior to earning their licensure. Dr. Blake provides his college students with in-class support by supplying advice on classroom management and making suggestions for effective instruction. 

District Music Teacher Rebecca Steele said the partnership unifies a common objective. 

Under Mrs. Steele’s teaching curriculum, General Music Class students study rhythm patterns, harmonic structures, melodic patterns, musical form, expressive elements, and the music of various cultures. Students also enjoy the hands-on application of their knowledge by learning bucket drumming and/or the ukulele. Choir students learn about reading music and a variety of vocal components including pitch, rhythm, timing, melody, harmony, and resonance.  

The Music Lab School began the week of September 5th and is planned to continue throughout the school year. 

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