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Renovations Approved for New City Hall

Greenfield City Board


During the September 13 meeting of the Greenfield City Board of Mayor and Aldermen, a bid for renovations to a recently acquired building, which will serve as the municipality’s city hall, was carefully considered by board members before voting on the proposal.

The City of Greenfield approved a bid from Smith and Nanney Lumber totaling $44,000 for renovations to the town’s new City Hall, which will be located inside the old Simmons Bank (previously Greenfield Banking Company) building at 302 North Front Street.

By voting to contract the job out to a locally owned business, tax dollars are kept in the community, which helps to bolster the local economy. 

The City recently purchased the property from Simmons Bank for $175,000.

Simmons Bank moved into a newly constructed building at 112 North Front Street in Greenfield, and no longer needed the old building. 

Greenfield City Hall is scheduled to move its offices into the new facility and open at its new location beginning October 1, 2022. 

Streaming Presentation

The board discussed the possibility of hiring a professional online video streaming service to transmit city board meetings for public viewing, instead of continuing to stream the meetings utilizing the city’s computer system and sending it to its Facebook page.

A spokesperson from Lowrance Sound Company gave a presentation explaining the extent of services offered by the firm. 

However, the board decided not to take any action regarding the streaming service at this time. 

Financial Report

In the financial report, Mayor Cindy McAdams stated local sales tax collections during August totaled $31,547.69, which represents a decrease of $4,698.71 from July’s sales tax revenue amounting to $36,246.40. 

State sales tax revenue totaled $21,101.91, which is up by $263.11 from the previous month’s collections of $20,838.80. 

State and local sales tax revenue combined totaled $52,649.6. This amounts to an overall decrease of $4,435.60 from July’s collections.


In announcements, Mayor McAdams stated the Yard of the Month Award was presented to Ricky Landrum at 409 Melrose Street. 

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