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Swanson Drive Industrial Site Recertified

AERIAL VIEW – An aerial view of Dresden’s pad-ready industrial site shows the area of the property measuring 250 ft. by 400 ft. prepared for the construction of a 100,000 sq. ft. building (inside yellow rectangle), which could be expanded to 300,000 sq. ft.

Dresden Industrial Board 


During a meeting of the Dresden Industrial Development Board on August 24th, discussion centered on the recertification of the 35.4 acre industrial site on Swanson Drive, and to review a proposal from TLM to gather the necessary documents, update maps and update the Phase I Environmental study for the site. 

The proposal from TLM was $8,500 to gather the necessary documents and update the maps and environmental study. 

Weakley County Economic Development Board Director Justin Crice stated the bulk of the engineering fee would be used to update the Phase I environmental study.

The Industrial Board voted unanimously to proceed with the recertification process for the Swanson Drive site and to approve the engineering fees for TLM Engineers. 

By taking the steps approved by the Board, the property will remain classified as a state certified industrial site. 

Development of the site is intended to attract new industry to Dresden and create more local jobs. 

A 250 ft. by 400 ft. section of the site has been graded and compacted for a 100,000 sq. ft. building pad that is expandable to 300,000 sq. ft. All utility infrastructure is located in close proximity to the building pad and is capable of supporting industrial users.

Another item of discussion involved reviewing the price per acre of the industrial property. 

Dresden City Recorder Jennifer Branscum, who also serves as Industrial Board Secretary, stated the current price per acre for the Swanson Drive site is $4,000. 

Justin Crice stated industrial property in Jackson comparable to this site is listed for $10,000 per acre. 

Some members suggested that the price should be negotiated based on the type of industry and the number of jobs being brought to the area. However, after some discussion, the Board voted to increase the amount to $10,000 per acre. 

The final item of business on the agenda was to discuss a request from National Tobacco for the Industrial Board to split the costs with them to bore underneath Sharon Hwy 89 to install a new fire hydrant and extend the water line from the new tap, which would be approximately 500 ft. closer to their building.

The reason for installing a fire hydrant and extending the water line is to upgrade the company’s fire suppression system, as the firm expands its operation. 

It was noted the City of Dresden has purchased the hydrant, valve, tapping sleeve, pipe and fittings for this project. The boring cost for the project is estimated to be approximately $25,000. However, the Board was uncertain how much the cost would be to extend the water line from the tap to the building. 

After much discussion regarding the size of the line to the hydrant and building and the City’s ability to maintain the needed pressure, it was decided that Secretary Branscum should speak with National Tobacco and communicate the Industrial Board’s interest in splitting the costs with them, subject to final approval of the total amount by the Industrial Development Board. The issue will be revisited by the Board once a final cost is determined.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned. 

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