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‘Golden Grads’ Honored During Reception in Gleason

Gleason School Alumni Association Lifetime Charter Members, 1940s and 1950s, were honored Sunday, July 17, 2022, at a reception/recognition ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Gleason.

Their biographical and ancestral backgrounds, childhood and school day memories, as well as post-graduation and lifetime reflections were shared and will continue to be published in addition to a future mini-series on the historical country schools these former graduates attended in 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, and 23rd Districts of Weakley County. Their special day was a blessing to all.

The old adage, “You can’t go back,” might be questioned here. The Enterprise, with the help of writers Nancy Williams Hicks, Diana Bradberry, Kathy Williams Lawrence and April Lieberman, have featured the memories as told by the Gleason School alumni on the pages of this newspaper.

We will continue to spotlight their stories. See Page 9 of today’s edition for more history and recollections.

Pictured at the reception Sunday were (First Row, L to R) Joyce Upchurch Watts ’52, Bobbye Lu Robinson ’53, Kenneth Campbell ’50, James “Bird Dog” Reed ’53, Thomas Fisher ’57, Sonny Spears ’58, Linda Mitchell Hearn ’55, Peggy Esch Stewart ’57, Sherry Mansfield Ross ’58, Virginia Hodges Jeter ’44, Ann McCain Brooks ’53, Carolyn Jackson Elliott ’50, June Oliver Meador ’44, Alice Adams Tapper ’44, Sue Williams Odom ’53, Clareda “Bird” Mansfield ’49, Jackie Esch ’52; (Back Row, L to R) Charles W Hodges ’58, Suzanne Heath Russell ’58, Kay Trevathan Hynd, Dr Jennifer Johnson ’57, Jack Vaughn ’57, Jane Trantham Verdell ’58, James H Bradberry ’53, Ludena Anderson Payne ’58, Paul Ross ’55, Walter G. Anderson ’55, Shirley Byrd Michie ’55, Ann Haynes Phelps ’50, Martha Pritchett Segraves ’58, Sue Lemonds Webb ’58, Martha Hopper Lemonds ’53, Billy G. Verdell ’56, Robert L Stallcup, Sr. ’58, Jim Brummitt ’53, Bill Blackburn ’56, Bobby Mansfield ’56, Ralph Adams ’48. There were 32 honorees that were not present. Photo courtesy of Gary Owens

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