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How Is Oil Like a Semiconductor?

Keith Tucker


Special to The Enterprise

It’s time to examine a little history to predict the future to prevent another war. So why did Japan think it had no choice but to attack America and bring us into WW2? Oil is the answer. We had frozen their resources in our control and by doing so, reduced their oil supply by 88 percent because of military actions they had taken to increase their oil supply by invading Indonesia. They estimated they had less than a year before they ran out of oil unless they took action.

Today for China, semiconductors are their Achilles heel. Sure, they make a lot of stuff with them in it, but the USA controls about 90 percent of patents and technology over the manufacture of the chips.  Now to the real prize. Taiwan is a world leader in the production of computer chips. Make no mistake, wars cannot be fought without computer chips.

If somewhere in the future China does something that we feel compelled to respond by restricting their access to computer chips, it will be the catalyst that makes military action the only way out. Then, the next-door neighbor Taiwan, who they already feel needs to be under their control and has the one thing they need most, will be the first domino to fall. The Chinese military can take Taiwan in three days.

The timing to act would also be enhanced by getting the USA distracted in another area like a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Or perhaps some natural disaster that has us struggling in other areas.

China is spending a lot to develop their military to be in a position to enforce their will when push comes to shove. Notice I said “when,” not “if” push comes to shove.

Editor’s note: Keith Tucker is a Greenfield resident and owner of The Marble Shop. He may be contacted by email at

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