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Beekeepers are Buzzing Around

The Northwest Tennessee Beekeepers Association gathered in Gleason at Bell Farms Saturday, June 4, to conduct a mite test of beehives and a take tour of the farm. Bell Farms welcomed attendees to see where their many vegetables are grown every year and what is coming up in the growing season. They were also informed of the many different steps the farm takes in order to raise the highest quality of produce for the surrounding area. A mite test was conducted on two beehives on the property to ensure that each hive was healthy and would not be at risk of dying out due to these small insects. This was also done to show new beekeepers how to perform this test. Mites attach to bees and when a bee lays eggs, the mites consume the eggs and replace it with mite eggs. Once infiltrated into a beehive, mites can destroy a hive and future bees. The Northwest Tennessee Beekeepers Association meets every month on the third Thursday at 7 p.m. at the UT Martin Agriculture Complex, located at111 Moody Ave. in Martin. Learn more at Photos by Jasmine Williams/The Enterprise

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