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School Board Honors Teachers of the Year 

WEAKLEY COUNTY TEACHERS OF THE YEAR – (Bottom Counter Clockwise, L to R) Greenfield School Linda Farmer, Dresden Elementary School Kristy Jolley, Sharon School Michaela Frederick, Greenfield School Beth Ann Sawyers, Gleason School Amy Lawrence, and Gleason School Melody Hopper.

WEAKLEY COUNTY TEACHERS OF THE YEAR – (Bottom Counter Clockwise, L to R) Martin Elementary School Carrie Stringer, Martin Elementary School Tina Brown, Dresden School Danielle Garner, Sharon School Caitlin Tucker, Greenfield School Anna Bryant, Martin Middle School Kristy Shumake, and Dresden Middle School Jo Robbin Buckley.

Sharon School teacher Michaela Frederick received a plaque from Weakley County Director of Schools Randy Frazier during last week’s meeting of the Weakley County School Board.

Greenfield School teacher Linda Farmer received a plaque from Weakley County Director of Schools Randy Frazier during last week’s meeting of the Weakley County School Board.

Dresden Middle School teacher Jo Robbin Buckley received a plaque from Weakley County Director of Schools Randy Frazier during last week’s meeting of the Weakley County School Board.


DRESDEN (May 5) — Members of the Weakley County School Board recognized the 2022-2023 teachers of the year, and educators receiving tenure were announced for 2022-2023, during Thursday night’s meeting at Dresden High School.

The board also approved several amendments to school board policies, including enrollment in advanced and college level courses, non-resident students, student assignments, and student transfers.

Additionally, the board voted to add the sport of track and field at Westview High School for the 2022-2023 school year.

The board also approved budget amendments and transfers.


Teachers of the Year

The 2022-2023 Weakley County Schools Teachers of the Year were recognized during the May 5 meeting of the Weakley County School Board as follows: PreK-4 – Kristy Jolley, Dresden Elementary; Amy Lawrence, Gleason; Beth Ann Sawyers, Greenfield; Tina Brown, Martin Elementary; Nicki Moore, Martin Primary; and Michaela Frederick, Sharon. 5th-8th Grade – Jo Robbin Buckley, Dresden Middle; Melody Hopper, Gleason; Anna Bryant, Greenfield; Carrie Stringer, Martin Elementary; Kristy Shumake, Martin Middle; and Caitlin Tucker, Sharon; 9th-12th Grade – Danielle Garner, Dresden; Phyllis Gearin, Gleason; Linda Farmer, Greenfield; and Kristen Vernon, Westview.

Additionally, Michaela Frederick, Jo Robbin Buckley and Linda Farmer, also received plaques as District Teachers of the Year.


Teachers Receiving Tenure Recognized

Teachers receiving tenure were recognized during Thursday night’s school board meeting.

Teachers earning tenure were: Amber Wharton, Susan Kendall, Rachel Winstead, Brenda Bayer, Melissa Lawrence, Julie Arnold, Alex Dunlap, Candace Sumner, Rachel Worley, Catherine Carithers, Aaron Knott, Kevin Pack, Kelsey Quinn, Brandy Spendlove, Lee Ussery, Katie Brewer, Rachel Fowler, Caitlin Tucker, Lauren Freeman, Ashley Meadows, Katie Moore, and Laura Sterrett.

In order to be eligible for tenure, a teacher must be employed for a probationary period for five years and received evaluations demonstrating a level of overall effectiveness of “above expectations” or “significantly above expectations” for the past two years, as provided in the evaluation guidelines and rules adopted by the state board of education.


Advanced and College Courses Policy

An amended school board policy, dealing with advanced and college courses, was approved on first reading.

The revised policy states: “Students in grades seven through twelve may enroll in available advances courses including, but not limited to, advance English, language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies courses.

To enroll in advanced courses, students shall meet the following standards: TCAP scores approaching the level or above from the most recent available test, A or B average in the content area(s) of the advanced class(es), pre-requisite courses (where applicable).”


Non-Resident Student Policy

A revised school board policy involving non-residents was approved on second and final reading.

The policy was amended to state that non-resident students must submit their applications during the open enrollment period scheduled by the school system.

During a two-week period, beginning the Monday after Spring Break, the Weakley County School Department will post the schools and number of spaces available for enrollment on its website.

Following this two-week period, open enrollment will begin. The open enrollment period begins on the third Monday following Spring Break and lasts for 30 days.

The policy states, “The school system shall not consider admittance of non-resident students until all applications from resident students units have been acted upon.”

If a student lives outside the school system and is approved for enrollment, parents will be responsible for providing transportation to and from that respective school.

The policy also requires the student to maintain satisfactory attendance, behavior and effort to continue enrollment in the school system.

Additionally, the policy states a non-resident student seeking to transfer on the basis of being the child of a Weakley County school teacher may be admitted prior to the consideration of all other transfer applications with district residents.

Furthermore, the revised policy notes that the non-resident student who was enrolled in a school during the previous school year may not be denied enrollment in the school for the coming school year, providing the student continues to maintain satisfactory attendance, behavior and effort.


Student Assignment Policy

The board approved the second reading of a school board policy involving student assignment. It states, “Students are expected to attend the schools to which they are assigned by virtue of their residence. Students will enroll in the school of their appropriate grade level nearest their residence.”

However, parents may elect to enroll their children in any school in the school system, with the condition that they provide transportation to and from their child’s respective school, and it does not cause overcrowding at the school.

The revised policy involving student assignment in reference to enrollment deletes the wording, “Application for enrollment must be made prior to April 15.” Instead, it notes that applications for enrollment must be made during the open enrollment period scheduled by the school system, which begins on the third Monday following Spring Break and lasts for 30 days.


Student Transfer Policy

A revised School Board policy involving student transfers was approve on second and final reading. The policy states that students wishing to transfer from one Weakley County School to another, for the upcoming school year, must make the request to transfer during the open enrollment period.

There is no longer a requirement for transfer requests to be made to their school’s principal, prior to April 15th. It eliminates a section of the policy that reads, “Any request for transfer must be discussed between the principals involved and may necessitate discussions with the director of schools.”

The revised policy reads, “All transfers will be approved or denied in accordance with Tennessee state law.”


Federal Project Application (No Child Left Behind)

The board also approved the Federal Project Application and budgets for the 2022-2023 schoolyear, under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act and subsequent amendments and agenda pertaining thereto. The application includes Title 1-Part A, Title II-A. Title IV, Title V, and Consolidated Administration.


Budget Resolutions

The board also voted to authorize several yearend budget transfers for FY 2021-2022.



In announcements, it was mentioned that Teacher appreciation week was May 2-6; School Nutrition Employee Day was May 6; and National School Day is (today) May 11.

The next meeting of the Weakley County School Board is at 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 2, at the Weakley County Board of Education in Dresden.

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