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Weakley County’s Long Term Recovery Group Provides Update, Shares New Resources

DRESDEN (April 26) – The Weakley County Long Term Recovery Group [WCLTRG] is sharing new information and communication resources for recovery assistance from the devastating tornado that tore through the Dresden community on December 10, 2021.

The group formed with the mission to provide recovery services to individuals and families affected by the storm. Services will be provided regardless of the individuals’ race, creed, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or religious preference. With the purpose of organizing the process of fulfilling unmet needs and partnering with organizations to begin rebuilding, the group is comprised of local, unpaid volunteers.

The group established with the goal of partnering with survivors affected to assist them in their process of recovery. Working in tandem with community faith-based groups and local volunteers, the organization assists long-term recovery operations that include volunteer coordination, case management, clean-up and construction coordination, financial planning, crisis counseling, and identifying and resolving unmet community needs.

In partnership with FEMA and UMCOR [United Methodist Committee on Relief], the WCLTRG is assembling a case management team that is undergoing placement and training. Individuals who have already come forth with unmet needs will be assigned a case manager. The case management process involves identifying and reviewing unmet needs, whether they be social, financial, emotional or spiritual. Case managers empower survivors and connect individuals with available resources if eligible and applicable. Case management is the cornerstone of the allocations process because the process is set up to help the most individuals possible with the limited funding available.

The WCLTRG also established a Survivor Advisory Committee. Chaired by Mike Carroll, this committee serves as an important resource for survivor advocacy as it interacts and builds a foundation of trust directly with individuals affected. The committee establishes essential dialogue and opens the lines of communication for valuable shared information between survivors and those assisting them. Mr. Carroll is himself a survivor and crucial contact for any individual or family who needs information or an advocate.

The WCLTRG is comprised of the following local volunteers: Co-Chair Justin Crice, Co-Chair Alisha Melton, Secretary Joyce Washington, Volunteers Coordinator Karen Wilson, Construction Coordinator Tommy Wilson, Spiritual & Emotional Needs Representative Will Norrid, Donations Coordinator Bobby Goode and Treasurer Sherryl McCulley. Ex-officio members include Survivors Advisory Committee Chairperson Mike Carroll, County EMS Representative Jason Hypes, Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn,  Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum, UMCOR Consultant Robert Craig, UMCOR Case Management Supervisor Elizabeth Soard, FEMA Consultant Yvonne Antonio-Wilson, United Way of West Tennessee Representatives Matt Marshall and Megan Houston, and American Red Cross Representative Alayne Chapman.

More information about ongoing recovery efforts is available on the WCLTRG website, If you and/or your family have unmet needs that haven’t been disclosed, or if you would like to speak with a survivor’s advocate as a result of the December 10, 2021, tornado in the Dresden area, call 731-699-7913 or reach out via the website contact form available on Up-to-date information will be added via their Facebook page:

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