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McDade Announces Sheriff Candidacy

Terry McDade

Terry McDade, a seasoned law enforcement official for more than 23 years, has put his name on the ballot for Weakley County Sheriff. Seventeen of those years have been with the Weakley County Sheriff’s department, working in multiple departments. From corrections as a patrol deputy to Administrative Captain in 2014, McDade stated that he feels his qualifications speak for themselves.

He says that one of his proudest accomplishments is his role in implementing the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program in Weakley County, which he currently oversees. McDade is accountable for the management of the court officers, as well as courthouse security. Some of his many other duties include monitoring of the current 50 sex offenders that reside in Weakley County, performing security checks at the county schools and courthouse, providing officer security instruction, initiating training for officers, and much more.

Behind the desk, he has extensive knowledge on various components. He is very involved in the budgetary process, and personally writes and facilitates grants for the Sheriff’s Department. He oversees policy and procedures and recently revised the policies to adhere and maintain compliance to state and federal reforms. He is extremely knowledgeable about protocols and procedures where law enforcement best practices and detention center facility management is concerned.

McDade believes that serving one’s community is extremely important. He attends the First United Methodist Church in Martin, is a member of the Weakley County Local Emergency Planning Committee, Weakley County Prevention Coalition, Weakley County Young Professionals, and serves as a board member on the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse Advisory Board. McDade actively participates in community events across the county regularly.

McDade believes in the youth in the community. He is a strong supporter of the youth in our school systems and supports the phenomenal teams of school faculty and staff as they face new challenges every day. As an active member of the Weakley County Prevention Coalition, he witnesses the effects that drugs and alcohol abuse have on the youth of the county. He aims to educate and get more youth involved in being empowered to make healthy choices for a better future. He is also actively involved in county Drug Take Back Days with the Coalition for the safe disposal of unused prescription medications to prevent harmful substances from falling into the wrong hands.

“As Weakley County Sheriff, it will be my mission to enhance and continue to improve the Weakley County Sheriff’s Office by employing and equipping officers with the highest quality training. Designated to serve and protect our communities, law enforcement officers must stay diligent in their skills, as well as adapting to new approaches for a changing world. We have a duty to protect the public from harm’s way. The public eye is always on the actions and decisions of police officers. People look to police officers for assistance and have the expectation that law and order will be maintained by law enforcement. I believe that we should always go the extra mile for the people we serve. Running the Sheriff’s Department with 24/7 responsibility is truly a team effort, and I believe that we have an incredibly strong team in Weakley County.

“In addition to enhanced training, I will continue to work with our schools to ensure the highest level of safety and security measures. I will also work to increase coverage throughout the county with more officers visible in our rural areas. The public deserves more access to the Sheriff’s Department, regardless of location. My goal is to continue to build trust and facilitate an approachable relationship with the public.

“As Sheriff, I will stay committed to our community, the safety of the people, and doing what is right above all.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve – and I would greatly appreciate your vote on May 3rd.”

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