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Dresden Condemnation Board Reviews Property Progress


DRESDEN (November 23) — Members of the Dresden Condemnation Board took varied actions on several properties, during their November 23 meeting at Dresden City Hall. The board reviewed the condition of properties considered to be unsafe, dilapidated and in urgent need of repair.

One property was released from board supervision, some were condemned, and others were given more time to correct deficiencies.

– Dresden Building Inspector David Kelly reported the stairs on the left side of a building located at 134 S. Poplar St., have been removed from the property. He further stated this property, which is owned by Marty Cole, is ready to be released from review of the Condemnation Board. City Attorney Beau Pemberton stated the dismissal has been prepared and would be served by mail to the property owner.

– In reference to Brenda Dexter’s property, located at 355 W. Main St., Mr. Dexter stated he removed a large portion of the chimney and the remainder was standing straight next to the building. Dexter stated he installed new vents, removed the posts from the top, and new roofing would be installed to secure the chimney.

The Board decided, since progress was being made, the property would be reviewed in 60 days.

– The board was informed the courts have ruled that the property located at 147-150 W. Main St., is jointly owned by three parties – Keith Kemp, Mary Beth Oliver and Lisa Kemp. It was noted the property shares a wall with Andy Mangum’s property.

An attorney representing Mary Beth Oliver and Lisa Kemp’s heirs sent a letter inquiring about the city’s interest in accepting their share of the property. Mayor Washburn stated the Dresden City Board would have to vote on that, but he was of the opinion the city did not want any part of it. No further action was taken on this property.

– Regarding property located at 340 D&C Subdivision, the board was informed that a notice of condemnation was served on Steve Boyd.

Boyd’s wife contacted City Recorder Jennifer Branscum and notified her that Boyd passed away in October due to COVID. She stated the only other known heirs are Ricky Boyd and Debra Boyd. Ricky Boyd is currently in Weakley County Nursing Home and is not in any condition to make decisions regarding this property. Debra Boyd is in Van Ayer Nursing Home, due to having a stroke. It was noted that Mrs. Boyd is at high risk of having another stroke and does not need to be bothered with the stress of this property.

Steve Boyd’s wife suggested the city take whatever measures are necessary as she knows the property is in terrible condition. She also stated there may already be a lien on the property from someone else.

The board voted unanimously to proceed with the condemnation order.

– The board learned that property owned by Eddie Danner, located at 1126 Hwy. 118, has not been inspected by Kelly. It was previously reported there were dead animals inside the house, and the stench from the interior of the structure was so strong it could be smelled outside of the building.

Danner said he is in the process of working on the property. Danner stated he removed some of the carpet, cut the weeds back, and removed a tree that had fallen on the house. He reported there are no dead animal carcasses in the house. He further stated he had someone interested in purchasing the property.

Board members voted unanimously to have Kelly look at the property and give a report at the next meeting.

– Kelly informed the board that he has inspected the outside of the structure located at 224 N. Cedar St., but he has not been able to get inside. Kelly noted a list of necessary repairs is needed to complete the notice of condemnation. The board agreed to send notice to the property owner that access has to be granted to the city building inspector, in order to complete the review of the property.

– Kelly informed board members that he has inspected the property at 451 Oakdale St. and there are no structural issues with the property. He stated it was aesthetics only. The board voted unanimously to review the status of the property in 60 days.

– Kelly reported on the condition of a house owned by Marva Brock located at 435 Oakdale St. He said some of the windows, which are broken and missing, are covered in plastic. Kelly stated the back door was nowhere to be found, some shingles are missing, and it needs a new roof. He stated the leaking roof has caused the porches, soffits and ceilings to begin rotting out. Kelly said he was not able to enter the house, due to the rotted floor at the back door.

Kelly stated, in his opinion, it would cost more to repair the house than to demolish it. The board voted to serve a notice of condemnation to the property owner.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

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