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Martin Board Approves Final Clean-Up Ordinances

The City of Martin’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved city clean-up ordinances on their final readings this month. Board members included (L to R) Aldermen Danny Nanney, Scott Robbins and David Belote, Mayor Randy Brundige and Aldermen Terry Hankins and Randy Edwards.


Special to The Enterprise

MARTIN (November 8) – On November 8, the Martin City Board gathered for its regular meeting of the month. Mayor Randy Brundige and the city’s Aldermen presided.

The main focus of Monday’s meeting involved proposed ordinances introduced in last month’s meeting and a secondary meeting on November 1, 2021.

Among the ordinances discussed were:

O2021-08, an ordinance to amend Section Twelve of the City of Martin Code of Ordinances Relative to Unsafe Buildings.

This ordinance addresses buildings deemed “unsafe, unsanitary,” or otherwise unfit for human habitation. It also encompasses buildings without sufficient entry and exit points, which constitutes a safety and fire hazard. The ordinance applies to buildings which have been declared obsolete, abandoned, or dilapidated. These buildings would be declared illegal.

O2021-09, an ordinance to amend Section Thirteen of the City of Martin Code of Ordinances Relative to Neglected Property.

O2021-10, an ordinance to amend Section Fifteen of the City of Martin Code of Ordinances Relative to Neglected Property.

Under these ordinances, property must be maintained by its owner. This includes, but is not limited to, the disposal of trash, rubbish, or abandoned appliances. It further states, anything constitutes a threat or menace to life, property, public health and/or welfare, creates a fire hazard, or promotes the infestation of pests is prohibited. It also addresses the use and maintenance of outdoor furnishings and storage facilities.

O2021-11, an ordinance to amend Title 12 of the City of Martin Code of Ordinances by adding Chapter 11, Section 12.1101.

Abandoned vehicles, including those which have been junked, wrecked, or even dismantled, in some way, are covered under this ordinance. These vehicles will not be allowed to be stored “on any lot, tract, or parcel of land, and on the public rights-of-way within the corporate limits of the City of Martin.” The only except would be those permitted by the Martin Zoning Code.

O2021-12, an ordinance to approve a request by Todd Jones to rezone a portion of property at 112 West Peach St.

Discussion of these ordinances was invited before the final vote. Several of Martin’s community citizens were present. Some of the concerns voiced had to do with specific buildings, vehicles, and other property. Still others addressed the board with concerns for follow-up, should the ordinances be passed. Mayor Brundige assured citizens each ordinance would be followed up in due time.

All of the ordinances were approved and passed.

An informal City Board meeting is scheduled for December 7. Martin’s next formal session is December 13 at 5:15 p.m. Both meetings will be held in the city courtoom of the Public Safety Building.

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