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Dresden Hears Property Repair Updates


DRESDEN (September 21) — The Dresden Condemnation Board met last Tuesday to review the progress property owners have made on bringing their properties up to code. Several of these property owners were in attendance to answer questions posed by the board.

The first property on the docket, which is owned by Marty Cole, is located at 134 South Poplar St.

Dresden Building Inspector David Kelly reported the stairs on the left side of the property need to be replaced or rebuilt per code specifications. Kelly said he received no response from the property owner regarding scheduling a time for him to inspect the inside of the residence. However, he noted improvements were made to the exterior of the building. Kelly mentioned the fascia and soffits were repaired/replaced and the balcony was secured at the base. Mayor Jeff Washburn stated he would assist with the repair/replacement of the steps since he utilizes them for his property as well. It was noted there was no electricity to the apartments on the inside.

Willie Parker made a motion to extend the review for one month to ensure the steps are repaired and all of the structure is suitable for occupation. Sandra Klutts seconded the motion. The motion was approved, with Mike Youngblood, Willie Parker, Lin Dunn (by phone) and Sandra Klutts voting in favor of the motion. Dick Tidwell was absent.

The next property reviewed, located at 355 West Main St., is owned by Brenda Dexter.

Kelly stated the foundation vent was covered; however, the soffits are still open. He stated all of the upper deck was removed, but the stairs are still on the outside. Kelly said Mr. Dexter informed him that he has removed the sink from the upstairs, new vents have been ordered, and some of the basement has been restructured. He stated the stringers are left on the stairs. Mr. Dexter stated he is still working on the property, but it may take six months to complete it.

Klutts made a motion to extend the review for 60 days, which was unanimously approved by the board.

Property located at 147-150 West Main St., which is jointly owned by Keith Kemp, Mary Beth Oliver and Lisa Kemp, was also brought before the board for review.

City Attorney Beau Pemberton noted the property at 147 West Main was voted to be condemned at the July meeting. He stated if the order of condemnation is served, the timeframe begins for the repair or demolition. He explained the property at 147 West Main St. shares a common wall with the adjoining properties. Pemberton stated this property cannot be torn down easily, unless done so by hand. Mr. Kemp said the property is insured, and the City of Dresden is not liable if something were to happen to the property. He further stated the City had a major water leak that undercut this section of properties and has since caused the property to settle. Mr. Kemp noted that he could remove the brick that is separating on the front, but it would allow animal intrusion. Additionally, the property is still in litigation.

After hearing the report, the board took no further action on this property.

The next property up for discussion, which is located at 340 D & C Subdivision, is owned by Steve Boyd.

According to Pemberton, there is no probate on the property. The City Attorney said a notice of condemnation needs to be posted at Dresden City Hall and sent to Boyd, who is the only known heir of the property.  Pemberton stated the property may end up being sold for delinquent taxes through the County tax sale.

The residence in the worst condition reviewed by the board is located at 1126 Hwy. 118.

This property, which is owned by Eddie Danner, has not been inspected by David Kelly. According to the report, there are dead animals inside the house, and the stench is so bad it can be smelled outside of the house.

The board unanimously approved a motion by Mike Youngblood, for a notice of condemnation to be served on the property owner.

The board directed Dresden Building Inspector David Kelly to inspect properties located at 224 North Cedar St. and 451 Oakdale St.

In other business, Mayor Washburn asked Pemberton to place a lien on property at 137 East Maple St. to recover the City’s cleanup costs.

Mayor Washburn reported the court square is seeing some business growth and he wants that progress to continue.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

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