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Guest Column: Devils, Demons and Witches


Special to The Enterprise

When I was a wee tike, I spent a lot of time with grandmother Electric. One day as I watched her making butter from milk she had just gotten from the cow, a knock came at the door and a young lady had come to get her to rub a wart to get it to go away off of her hand. She had been doing it for years for people. She then told me to not ever dabble in the dark arts or witchcraft. It seems that if you go looking for evil, it is more than willing to join up with you. It seems that interest in the supernatural is quite high based on the number of movies and shows that deal with the subject.

When you refer to the fall of Satan from Heaven, it says he took one third of all the heavenly creatures with him. Those are what we now refer to as devils and demons. Almost every serial killer to date reported voices in his head. One even took orders from a demon-possessed dog. The recent number of the members of Satan’s church is 100,000 in the USA. They are currently preforming unbaptism ceremonies. How often is what we call mental illness related to outside evil influence? Hallucinations or intrusive thoughts can be metaphysical in nature. Even the Outlaw gang ms13, one of the most barbaric in its nature, has ties to the occult. I was looking at Gothic architecture and wondered why all the gargoyles were included.

First of all, they all have big mouths because the water from the gutters comes out there. They also are supposed to ward off evil spirits; not be the embodiment of it. Looking specifically at witchcraft, it is not directly tied to evil or Satan. The best explanation of spells and potions is directed energy. There is something called the rule of three. Whatever a witch does to anyone, it comes back at them, multiplied by three. The show, “Bewitched,” made witches out as having power, but careful as to its use. That’s probably a good representation if you believe in that sort of thing.

Jesus referred to devil-possessed as an unclean spirit. One has to believe those unclean spirits spoken of in the Bible are still around and doing mischief. The best defense against anything is to first know what it is you are up against.

You can also buy soap infused with good spells from your witchcraft-supply store. If you like that, I have some of ocean-front property for sale in West Tennessee.

Editor’s note: Keith Tucker is a Greenfield resident and owner of The Marble Shop.

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