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Downtown Dresden Gets a Facelift, New Business in the Works

DRESDEN (July 28) — A local property owner is in the process of remodeling a former residential building in downtown Dresden, which is currently on a list of structures in danger of being condemned by the Dresden Condemnation Board. If all goes according to plan, the owner hopes to reopen another empty building located on the court square as a restaurant.
A former rental house, located at 109 South Wilson St. and owned by Jim and Traci Crawford, was previously cited for having boarded-up windows. The bottom of the back door upstairs was missing and open, which allows animals to enter. Additionally, the window sills needed replacing.
At a former meeting of the Dresden Condemnation Board, Crawford reported his tenant agreed to make the necessary repairs. The tenant did not complete the work.
During Thursday night’s meeting, Crawford said he could complete the repairs by July 31, 2020. Board members agreed not to take any action before the next meeting in September as long as repairs are being made to the building.
On Friday, July 24, 2020, subcontractors working for Crawford’s mechanical contracting company were already on the job. The work includes scraping the paint off the exterior of the brick building, re-mortaring bricks as needed, reframing windows, repairing eaves, painting the exterior, replacing an exterior door and all of the windows.
Crawford said he and Steve Pectol are opening a meat market in the former Coffee Cup building located on the court square in Dresden, and may utilize the residential building they are remodeling to gain additional space for the restaurant. “I may convert the upstairs into an office, and install walk-in coolers and freezers on the ground floor,” Crawford said.
He explained business partner, Billy Stark, who is also a mechanical contractor, will provide much of the technical expertise involved in setting up the new restaurant business.

Renovations are underway at a former rental house, located at 109 South Wilson St. in downtown Dresden. The property is owned by Jim and Traci Crawford. Mr. Crawford, who operates a mechanical contracting company, had his sub-contractors assist him in making repairs to the structure. Crawford and employee Pedro Becerra are seen scraping paint off the brick in preparation for repainting.

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