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Weakley County Polling Locations

District 1A:
Palmersville Fire Station, 6303 Palmersville Hwy. 89, Palmersville
District 1B:
Latham Fire Station, 5337 Hwy. 118, Dresden
District 2A:
Gleason Community Center, 506 North Cedar St., Gleason
District 3A:
Greenfield First Baptist Church, 3127 Meridian St., Greenfield
District 4A:
Sharon First Baptist Church, 5516 Hwy. 45, Sharon
District 5A:
Martin Church of Christ, 233 Oxford St., Martin
District 6A:
Trinity Presbyterian Church, 145 Hannings Ln., Martin
District 7A:
Shepherd’s Field Church, 500 Fowler Rd., Martin
District 8A:
Martin First United Methodist Church, 225 Main St., Martin
District 9A:
Dresden First United Methodist Church, 105 South Church St., Dresden
Early Voting Locations:
Weakley County Election Office, 135 South Poplar St. Ste, A, Dresden
Martin City Masonic Lodge, 7900 Hwy. 45S, Martin

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