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General Sessions

Christopher Ian Fontana: Theft of Merchandise – Up to $1,000 – Guilty Plea Lesser Charge.
Quintin Dartanian Turner: Assault – Physical Contact – Guilty Plea Lesser Charge. Failure to Appear – Dismissed.
Austin Nathaniel Snyder: Theft of Merchandise – Shoplifting – Judicial Diversion.
Shelby Shanice Rivers: Domestic Assault – Other.
Christopher Michael Cozart: Aggravated Child Abuse/Neglect/Endangerment (8 & Under) – Bound Over.
Shelby Shanice Rivers: Theft of Merchandise – Shoplifting – Guilty as Charged.
Hal Sa Song: Domestic Assault – Other.
Christopher Thomas Robinson: Criminal Trespass and Public Intoxication – Dismissed. Resist Stop, Arrest, Search (No Weapon); Public Intoxication; and Criminal Trespass – Guilty as Charged.
Austin Nathaniel Snyder: Theft (Up to $1,000) and Criminal Trespass – Judicial Diversion.
Tasha Lynn Edge: Theft (Up to $1,000) and Criminal Trespass – Guilty as Charged.

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