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Property Transfers

Russ A. and Sarah E. Huffstetler to Madison Switcher and William Flint Northcut
Paul David Richmond to William and Judy Maxwell, District 9
Alexander Morrison to Henry J. and Tammy R. Boyd, District 2
Jesse and Beatrice Doster to Damon Hollis, District 8
John Dustin and Ashley L. Pinkston to Travis and Paige Davis, District 8
Amy E. Fenning to Ahmad and Nazanin Tootoonchi, District 14
Jonathan Douglas and Rhonda Michelle McDaniel to Donovan Shane and Keya D. Nelson, District 5
Michael and Natalie Vincent Cantrell to Jake Coleman Vincent, District 2
Chad and Taylor McMackin to Brendon and Karlie Maitland, District 14
Lizabeth Foy and Jon Helton to Thomas and Kimberly D. Young, District 14
Cynthia J. Morgan to Colby Bruce, District 11
Johnny R. and Terry L. McKinney to Ryan Crittendon, District 13
Johnny R. and Terry L. McKinney to Davis L. Miller, District 13
Pamela Jo Waggener and Sandra Lou Waggener Taylor to William K. and Susan S. Lowry, District 2
Diane L. Harris and Terry G. Ashmore to Laura Lee Bowman, District 7
Mary J. Griffith to Adam V. and Samantha L. Davidson, District 4
Angel Adams to Derek O. Ryan and Sierra Moseley Ezell, District 2
Triple T. Truck Repairs to Brannon and Dana Stanford, District 4

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