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Property Transfers

James William Garner to Mike and Sharleen Morgan, District 19
Cody and Kelly Danielle Pence Worley to Ronald W. and Judy B. Hollis, District 9
Linda Roberts Executor and Roy D. Roberts Estate to Linda Roberts, District 13
Deborah Kay Rogers and Stephan O’Neal to Mason Wilson, District 9
Jeremy Dial and Charles and Christina Clark, District 7
Ventures and Mary K. Vowell to Fredrick John Chester III and Mary Margaret Chester, District 2
Phyllis Espinosa and Sharon J. Bowers to Robert Shaw and Eric Lyle Owen, District 11
Glynn E. and Alice F. Barron to Michael and Linda Hatchel, District 14
Linda A. Woodrough to Nicholas Wisher, District 19
Greg and Angela Mansfield to Shannon Cashion, District 7
Steven P. and Meagan E. Permenter to Terry Wayne and Diane McCreight, District 7
Douglas J. and Jennifer H. Cook to Justin C. and Katie E. Tilley, District 2
Anne Michelle Taylor Robbins and Ann Michelle Campbell to Macie B. Covington, District 2
Michael A. Ricketts to Karen Turner, District 9
Charles T. and Shannon R. Deal to West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperation, District 14
Stephon and Mary Helen Heirs Edwards to Willis Edwards, District 2
Danny and Marilyn Perry to Freddy N. and Mary K. Balentine, District 9

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