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Habitat for Humanity Celebrates New Homeowners in Gleason

New homeowners Danielle Beasley and girls Zayleigh, Hayden, and Hallee welcomed friends and neighbors into their new Gleason home Sunday, May 24, 2020. Weakley County Habitat for Humanity (WCHFH) held the open house at the newly renovated home, where hot dogs and the trimmings helped celebrate the event.
One of Habitat’s volunteer carpenters, Vincent Politte, also volunteered at the grill.
WCHFH is seeking both volunteers for construction and more partner families like the Beasleys who desire to own their own home. To receive a pre-application for home ownership, write to WCHFH at P.O. Box 124, Sharon, TN, 38255.

The Beasley’s’ new home in Gleason through a partnership with Habitat with Humanity, who offers a hand up to help families obtain affordable, safe homes.

The Beasley family members are enjoying their new home in Gleason.

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