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Dresden Reports Decline in Crime During Coronavirus Lockdown

DRESDEN (April 28) — As bad as the COVID-19 pandemic is, it may have a bright side.
According to Dresden Police Chief Steve Howe, “Since the curfew has kicked in and everybody is practicing social distancing, a lot of the crime has dropped. I guess, basically because everybody is staying at home and there are not a lot of people out at night. Our call volume is extremely low.
We usually average about 440 calls per month, but callouts are now down to only 240 calls per month. Let’s hope it stays that way. We’ve had a few minor car burglaries, which is mostly kids out of school getting into mischief. Most of the calls we’re getting now are for medical assists.”
Chief Howe states burglaries are down because a lot of families are at home, which deters burglars from breaking into homes or other structures since they are likely to get caught. “If burglars go into homes right now, they risk getting shot,” Chief Howe said.
“When people start going back to restaurants and socializing, DUI’s and burglaries will increase,” Chief Howe said. “What causes a lot of crime, is people interacting with people. Right now, citizens are at home and there is not that much interaction.”
“We’re seeing more people out walking with their kids, their dogs, and their families, and participating in other outdoor activities. We’ve always had baseball and football and other things, but they weren’t doing family activities together, as much as we’ve seen here lately.”
Mayor Jeff Washburn states he is pleased with the reduction in police callouts and that no major crimes have been committed.
The mayor said the City of Dresden is still operating under the same rules for the time being. All parks and city buildings remain closed and a citywide curfew is still in effect. However, he noted since daylight comes earlier now, the curfew, which is currently 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., will begin at 9 p.m. and end at 5 a.m., beginning May 1. “It’s been very effective, on cutting down on vandalism, thefts, and people gathering at the parks or streets at night” Mayor Washburn said. “This is a deterrent to the spread of COVD-19.” He added Weakley County currently has 19 cases of the coronavirus.

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