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Referendum Will Determine Number Of Greenfield City Aldermen

GREENFIELD (April 14) — Greenfield city is placing a referendum on the ballot in the November 3, 2020 State and Federal General Election to determine how many aldermen will serve on the Greenfield City Board.
During a meeting of the Greenfield City Board on Tuesday, April 14, a proposed referendum deciding whether or not the number of aldermen should be reduced from eight to six members was unanimously approved.
Because aldermen and local citizens were divided over the issue, the board decided to let the voters make the determination.
A draft of the referendum, prepared by City Attorney Beau Pemberton, also calls for changing the election cycle by staggering the aldermen’s terms in office from four of eight aldermen’s terms of office expiring to three of six. This will leave three experienced aldermen in office during an election cycle.
The board voted 7-0 to have a referendum and allow the voters to decide the issue. If local citizens decide to lower the number of aldermen from eight to six members, the City Charter will be amended accordingly.

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