Newspaper to Phase Down Out-of-State Print Delivery

Newspaper to Phase Down Out-of-State Print Delivery

Tri-County Publishing, Inc. announces a change in its out-of-state subscription service.

Effective January 1, 2020, the newspapers will no longer offer new print subscriptions to mailing addresses outside of Tennessee. Those subscribers can receive an online-only subscription. The lone exception to out-of-state subscriptions is to addresses in southwest Kentucky for the Dresden Enterprise. This affects less than one percent of the Enterprise’s and Banner’s paid circulation.

Print subscription service is unaffected to residents in Tennessee.

Any out-of-state subscriber, currently receiving a print edition, will continue to do so until his or her subscription expires. After that, online-only is available. The online version is available each Tuesday for The Banner and Wednesday for the Enterprise.

The more significant share of complaints about mail delivery is from persons outside Tennessee. Tri-County Publishing is following the lead of several newspapers in the U.S. that have ceased mailing to out-of-state subscribers because of the lengthy time of delivery and the cost of mailing.

People anywhere in the world with internet service have around-the-clock access to the websites of and The full current issue of the newspaper and archived issues are available through an online subscription.

For questions, please phone 731-352-3323.

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