At the Monday night Sharon city board meeting, city attorney Jeff Washburn came to answer the board’s questions regarding the laws of enforcing property maintenance codes on properties in the city.

Alderwoman Ali Stalter started the questioning by asking what Sharon could legally do regarding properties with a bad appearance or in disrepair. Washburn said the city needs to give a notice of violation to the property owner with reasonable time to remedy the problem after the notice has been delivered.

Police Chief Ricky Cobb said the notices have been sent out and allowed ten days for mowing, and that this has worked mostly with an exception to a few properties.

Alderwoman Stalter asked if in notices sent out could be guidelines for mowing; Attorney Washburn said that they could. He also said that the city could take property owners to city court if they do not comply with the notice in the given time and they can be fined.


(See complete story in the Aug. 14th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)



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