Gleason’s caboose, which was recently donated to the city by CSX Railroad, is located on Church Street across from the Gazelle Grounds. It was transported to the site on the railroad tracks that run through Gleason’s downtown area and set in place on the stationary tracks using a huge backhoe.













Charles Anderson, chairman of theleason Downtown Revitalization Committee (center), and West KY-TN Railroad employees, are pictured with a section of railroad track, which was prepared as the location a caboose donated by the railroad. The caboose was delivered and set in place on Wednesday, July 31.


The City of Gleason has another attraction to mark the town’s historic past, just in time for this year’s Tater Town Special, which will be held Saturday, September 7.

Gleason joins with four of Weakley County’s five municipalities, which either has a railroad caboose or is seeking to obtain one. Greenfield and Martin already have a caboose on display in their downtown areas located adjacent to the railroad tracks. Dresden is seeking to procure a caboose, which it plans to locate next to Dresden Farmers Market, where the old train depot once stood. Sharon is the only city in Weakley County with no plans to obtain a caboose at this time.

Charles Anderson, chairman of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee, who spear-headed the project, was among a group of local officials and other local citizens on hand to witness the delivery of an old CSX caboose in downtown Gleason on Wednesday, July 31.


(See complete story in the Aug. 7th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)



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