During Tuesday night’s Weakley County Commission meeting, members approved the budget for fiscal year 3019-2020 and set the county’s tax rate.

The proposed county budget totaling $62,108,307 includes no tax increase.

A resolution setting the property tax rate at $1.9727 per $100 of assessed value for FY 2018-2019 was approved by the commissioners.


A breakdown of the tax levy is as follows:


  • General Fund: $0.6632
  • Highway Fund: $0.1915
  • General Purpose School Fund = $0.6480
  • Debt Service: $0.47
  • Total = $1.9727


The commission also approved a resolution authorizing the issuance of interest bearing general obligation capital outlay notes in an amount not to exceed $5.5 million to finance capital project improvements

This includes allocating up to $1.5 million from the loan, plus additional funding from the county’s budget, for the purpose of replacing the antiquated HVAC system at the Weakley County Courthouse. The appropriations resolution was amended to add $1 million in funding for the Courthouse project, which is to be diverted from the Weakley County Nursing Home’s general fund balance.

However, the total amount of money needed to renovate the courthouse will not be known until the commission is presented with the plans for the project, now being developed.

“We could fund another $1.5 million that we funded today, if needed,” said County Mayor Jake Bynum. “So we’re looking potentially at $2.5 million for the cost of the project. The consulting firm that’s working with us on that project plans to submit a proposal to the commission in September, prior to the County Commission meeting. We’ve asked them to come with several options on how best to fix that project, that address not only cost, but convenience to the citizens.”

Mayor Bynum stated, in the meantime, there are two roof-mounted air circulation units that are not operational. He noted, regardless of what proposal the consulting firm provides regarding renovating the HVAC system, those units must be removed. “It is believed that the inoperable units are allowing air to come down to the third floor and are causing a lot of the moisture issues. The band-aid fix for right now is to remove those units, and patch those holes for the time being, until we get to the entire project,” Mayor Bynum said. “This will speed the renovation process along, regardless of what option we choose.”

Plans call for the consulting firm to meet jointly with the Finance, Ways and Means and Health, Education and Economic Development committees the week prior to the next County Commission meeting. This will allow them to take a look at the options presented by the consulting firm, before making a recommendation to the full commission.

A total of $3.5 million is allocated from the borrowed money for improvements at the Weakley County Highway Department. This includes constructing a new county services building, office space and a fuel station, while renovating and possibly repurposing certain portions of the existing structures that are not being demolished. The need for these improvements is necessitated partly due to major structural problems, and also to bring the facilities into compliance with federal ADA regulations.


(See complete story in the Aug. 7th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)



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