Dresden resident Linn Dunn addresses the board regarding the problem of dilapidated properties that need to either be cleaned up or demolished.


The majority of discussion during Monday night’s meeting of the Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen centered on the condemnation of dilapidated structures and improving the appearance of other properties.

The first person to address the board concerning the need for improving the looks of Dresden by cleaning up rundown homes was Dresden resident Linn Dunn.

Dunn said, “We have a strong property code, and if it’s enforced, we don’t have to get to the condemnation stage. We can clean up Dresden without ever having to condemn some of the properties and houses in this town.

“During the four years that I’ve been mayor, the city has officially demolished six houses,” Mayor Washburn said. “We started with the worst ones first and worked our way down. We also demolished one business building at Fuller and West Main streets, because it had fallen into disrepair. I count about seven more that have been demolished by private individuals at the city’s urging.”

Mayor Washburn stated one of the problems is that some of the members of the Condemnation Board that have served for the past three years or so failed to attend meetings, and without a quorum, nothing could get done.

With that in mind, new members were selected to sit on Dresden’s Condemnation Board Monday night, as follows: Alderwoman Sandra Klutts, Lin Dunn, Bobby Goode, Kelley Trevathan, and LeAnne Moore Johnson. Ex Officio members are: Mayor Jeff Washburn; and David Kelley, a state-licensed building inspector.

When it came to a vote, the board unanimously approved the list of names recommended to serve on the Dresden Condemnation Board.

(See complete story in the July 3rd issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)


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