Highway Supervisor Charles Ross (left – seated) discusses the status of various project across Weakley County.


Members of the Public Works Committee approved the budgets for assorted funds that fall under the Weakley County Highway Department during a Monday morning meeting at the School Department Conference Room.

In addition to looking at revenues and expenditures in the various funds, the committee heard updates from Highway Department Director Charles Ross concerning ongoing projects.

Discussion centered on the Zayo Group Project, which involves the installation of fiber optic cables that were not installed in accordance with the plan outlined in their contract with Weakley County.

Ross noted that the placement of the lines along county roadways are too close to the sides of the roads, which weakens the shoulders. Additionally, those placed in the bottom of ditches prevents county road crews from cleaning out the ditches without damaging the fiber optic lines.

At that time, representatives of the firm were present and agreed to evaluate the problem and come back to the board with a plan to resolve the issue.

The area in question involves the installation of 12 miles of fiber optics along the northern edge of the Henry County and the Obion County line that ends at Dukedom.

Ross stated the firm has agreed to correct the situation submitted a plan for Weakley County’s consideration

(See complete story in the June 19th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)




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