Weakley County’s new propane-powered buses more economical and environmentally friendly












The Weakley County School System purchased three new Blue Bird brand propane-powered buses to its fleet for the 2018-2019 school year. These are the first propane buses to ever be utilized by Weakley County’s school transportation department. The reason given for switching from diesel to propane powered buses is cost savings.

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Propane-powered engines appear to be the power plant of choice these days among a growing number of school systems across Tennessee.

Weakley County Bus Transportation Supervisor Ron Byington recently rated the performance of the three new propane-powered school buses. He stated the new buses, which have a seating capacity of 78, are cheaper to operate, have fewer mechanical problems, and are safer and are better for the environment.

“The propane buses are performing really well,” he said.

Byington also discussed the reasoning behind changing the brand of buses from International to Blue Bird. He stated the Weakley County School System has purchased International school buses for several years, but due to high maintenance costs and safety issues, it was decided to try Blue Bird school buses equipped with propane engines.


(See complete story in the September 12th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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