Martin Caboose Restored to Former Glory

After many long years the train caboose in the Virginia Weldon Park in Martin has now been restored thanks in large part by 15 year old Ryan Robinson who started the project when he was only 13.




For many years an old caboose has sat at the Virginia Weldon Park in Martin, TN and over the past few years that caboose has been slowly been restored to the way it once was and this restoration project would not have happened without the help of former Martin resident, Ryan Robinson who is only 15 years old.

Before Robinson showed interest about restoring the caboose, the Martin board of Aldermen had wanted to restore it but they could not find someone to lead the project.

When Robinson was a student at Martin Middle School and only 13 he connected Randy Brundige, who was unaware of his age, about being able to restore the caboose.

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