‘Weakley County Counts’ the 2020 Census

Members of the Weakley County Complete Count Committee for the 2020 census, composed of county and municipal officials and members of the press, was formed during a meeting on Thursday, August 16, at the Northwest Tennessee Development District in Martin.

By Jasmine Williams

News Writer

Members of Weakley County’s local government, representatives of towns in Weakley County and members of the press met on Thursday, August 16, to discuses the 2020 census and ended the discussion by forming a Complete Count Committee (CCC).

The Complete Count Committee is a group of government and community leaders that represent their respective areas. They are trusted voices from the community that are charged with developing and implementing programs that will help members of the community to complete the census in 2020 in a timely and accurate manner. The committee provides information about the census, so that all residents will understand how important it is for them and for others in the area where they live.

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