Committees at odds over ambulance service contract


Finance, Ways and Means Committee members are at odds with the Public Safety Committee, regarding which ambulance service should be approved to provide ambulance service to the citizens of Weakley County.


The Public Safety Committee voted overwhelmingly to renew the contract with Weakley County Ambulance Service, during meetings on Thursday and Monday. However, the majority of the Finance, Ways and Means Committee members favored removing the $300,000 subsidy for Weakley County Ambulance Service, when they met Tuesday morning.


Commissioner David Hawks recommended contracting with West Tennessee Healthcare, which recently purchased Volunteer Community Hospital in Martin. He added that, after contacting other counties concerning West Tennessee Healthcare and Baptist Ambulance, they stated these ambulance services provided good service. Hawks said, “Why spend this much money when two others can do the same job without a subsidy.”


Commissioner Hudson said, “I don’t think you can put a cost on people’s lives. This way, we’re getting four ambulances.”



(See compete story in the June 13th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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