Sharon Board approves Slum Ordinance


Members of the Sharon Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the second and final reading of a Slum Ordinance during Monday night’s meeting.

The ordinance seeks to have local property owners clean up and make repairs to their lawns, homes and other structures that are unsightly. One reason is because it lowers the property values of neighboring properties.


In some cases, it’s necessary for municipalities to take legal action, not only because of the property’s appearance, but due to public health and safety issues. However, board members made it plain this is not what they want to have to do in order to force citizens to comply with the law.

Another topic for discussion was finding a qualified person to serve as police chief of the City of Sharon. Once this is accomplished, the Board will attempt to find someone to serve as a patrolman. Because there have been no applicants responding to advertisements for the job, Board members expressed interest in expanding their search to areas outside of Weakley County.


(See compete story in Feb. 14th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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