Gleason Board votes to lower speed limit to 30 mph; discusses sidewalk construction on East Union

Northwest Tennessee Development District representative Rob Goad addresses members of the Gleason City Board concerning grant possibilities for constructing a sidewalk along East Union Street.


One of the top items on the agenda at Thursday night’s Gleason Board meeting was a request by local citizens to lower the speed limit at the intersection of Hwy 190 and Hwy 22, due to safety issues.


Local citizens have also requested sidewalks be constructed on East Union Street (Hwy 190) all the way from Hwy 22 to Cedar Street. This is also a safety-related issue. Currently, pedestrians must travel in the street. With several close calls reported lately, board members expressed concern for public safety if something is not done to alleviate the problem.


(See compete story in Jan. 17th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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