Gleason Board approves police officer pay raise

Assistant Police Chief David King informs members of the Gleason City Board about the need for increasing the pay for officers, in order to attract applicants to fill a vacant position and to keep the personnel they already have.




One of the top items discussed during Thursday night’s meeting of Gleason City Board was police officer’s pay.


Assistant Police Chief David King told members of the board, applications were sought recently to fill a vacant position at the Gleason’s Police Department. He said there was only one applicant, but the individual “was not a good fit” for the job.


Officer King stated the reason Gleason is having trouble recruiting applicants is because it currently has the lowest pay in Weakley County and officers tend to apply at other police departments which offer higher salaries. He requested the pay be increased from $11 per hour to $12 per hour for all part-time officers with the exception of one officer who has been working at the department for a long time and deserves $13 per hour.


(See compete story in Nov. 15th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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