Dresden Board rejects drought management plan; more study required

Dresden Police Chief Randal Walker addresses members of the Dresden City Board during his last meeting prior to his retirement.



During Monday night’s Dresden City Board meeting, members rejected a resolution outlining a drought management plan to regulate water usage in the event a severe prolonged drought occurs that results in a significant drop in the aquifer water levels or depletion of reservoirs in this area.

As pointed out by Alderman Gwin Anderson, who led the opposition to the plan, Dresden and the surrounding area sits atop a huge aquifer, and it’s highly unlikely that drought management would ever be necessary.

He noted that, although a drought management plan is mandated by the State of Tennessee, the numbers outlined in the plan that trigger the implementation of drought management measures make no sense.

Anderson stated, rather than utilize arbitrary figures, the City Board should adjust the numbers to logical levels so as not to penalize local citizens unnecessarily.

He argued the plan requires further study, and said he is unwilling to vote for it in its present form. Other board members agreed and the resolution was tabled.

(See compete story in Aug. 9th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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