Election Commission determines bid specs on new voting machines


Members of the Weakley County Commission approved bid specifications for new voting machines during Thursday night’s meeting.
A major upcoming expense is the purchase of new voting machines to replace the County’s existing 12-year old machines.

Repair of the machines is a problem, since they are no longer manufactured, and the only way to obtain replacement parts is by ordering salvaged components.

Additionally, the machines are coming to the end of their usefulness, due to the advancement in technology.

Limited storage capacity and the need for more processing speed is also a problem.

The main incentive for purchasing new voting machines now is State grant money allowing up to $10,000 per precinct, which is available until 2020. This would provide Weakley County with a total of $110,000 toward the purchase of new machines.
(See compete story in July 12th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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