Gleason appoints beer board members; hires meter reader

Gleason Board members considered nominations for citizens to serve on the Beer Board, and hired a meter reader, during Thursday night’s meeting.


The fiercely debated issue of beer sales as a means of generating an estimated $20,000-$25,000 in additional annual tax revenue to meet the City of Gleason’s financial obligations (without the need to raise property taxes), verses opposition to beer sales on ethical grounds (alcohol-related social problems), was not revisited during Thursday night’s meeting. Instead, the City Board moved forward with the task of naming individuals to serve on the Beer Board.

Five individuals, which include local citizens and Gleason Board members, were named to serve as members of the newly formed Gleason Beer Board, in accordance with an ordinance approved last month that authorizes beer sales inside the city limits of Gleason.

(See complete story in May 17th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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