A Bias Based Policing Policy and a property maintenance ordinance were the top two topics for discussion at Monday night’s Dresden City Board meeting.

resolution implemenAting a Bias Based Policing Policy for Dresden Police Department personnel was approved by unanimous vote.

The purpose of the policy is to reaffirm the department’s commitment to unbiased policing, clarify the circumstances in which race or affiliation can be used as a factor to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause, and to reinforce procedures that serve to assure the public that the department is providing service and enforcing laws in a fair and equitable manner.

In other action, the Board revised and approved a Property Maintenance Ordinance that prohibits indoor furniture or appliances from being left outside a residence or structure, due to it being a public eyesore. However, a section of the ordinance was deleted so that porches would not be included in the outside areas where such items are prohibited provided the items do not endanger public health or become a public nuisance.

The Property Maintenance Ordinance provides more clarity about what constitutes prohibited acts and what must be done to be meet the requirements of the ordinance.

(See compete story in Mar. 8th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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